Copyright Issues and Recipes

Since my first post, I’ve received a few requests for the recipes to be posted on the blog. However, having considered this suggestion and done my bit of research, I’ve decided I will not be doing so. Firstly, the recipes I tried out last week aren’t my own and I don’t want to run into copyright issues by featuring them on this blog. Secondly, while I did adapt the recipes to my own taste and depending on the availability of ingredients, it should be okay for me to post the adapted recipes; however, this would take more of my time and I just can’t devote that sort of time to the blog right now. So if you are interested in a particular recipe, get in touch with me at preeya(nospace)josef_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_in and I will be very happy to share the recipe with you. In some cases the recipes are also available online so I could direct you to the appropriate website. If I do get inventive and concoct a totally new recipe I will try and share it, but that would be quite challenging as I hardly follow precise measures when I cook like this! I also understand it can be hard to decipher the ingredients included in a preparation from a picture and an exotic name, so I will provide short descriptions.

I hope these changes make for a better reading experience. Please do let me know and don’t be afraid to post comments, even critical ones. 🙂

Sunday – September 26, 2010


Yaki Ramen

Recipe adapted from the Wagamama cookbook

***This is basically a stir-fry of chicken, vegetable and Chinese noodles (Ramen). The original recipe calls for Soba noodles, but I only had Ramen, hence Yaki Ramen!***


Monday – September 27, 2010


Sweet and Sour Celeriac and Carrot on a bed of baby leaves with Mozzarella Pearls

Recipe adapted from Yottam Ottolenghi and Sam Tamimi’s Ottolenghi

***Basically a salad comprising shredded root vegetables that have been massaged with a dressing and left to marinate for at least an hour. Finally served on a bed of baby salad leaves with a few pearls of mozzarella.***


Tuesday – September 28, 2010


A salad of Strawberries, Arugula and White Stilton with Apricot

Recipe adapted from this one on the Saveur website

***A salad of strawberries, raspberries, rocket, almonds and White Stilton (cheese) with apricot***


Thursday – September 30, 2010


Mexican Pulled Beef Salad

Recipe adapted from this one on the Saveur website


Friday – October 1, 2010


Steamed Fish in Soya Sauce

Recipe adapted from here

***I used Cod and it tasted just fine. The dish goes well with plain white rice***


Saturday – October 2, 2010


Oriental Salad - I had this.

and Abhi had this - preserved meat platter with a fresh baguette and side salad.

at Cafe du Jour


Mexican Seafood Cocktail

Fish Tacos

Recipes adapted from here and here on the Saveur website

***I couldn’t get hold of the different Mexican chillies so I used Jalapeno, which is Mexican too and readily available. Incidentally, I’ve also found a Mexican store (Otomi) here in Bristol that sells Chipotles, Anchos and the like and I will head there before I attempt these recipes again or other Mexican ones.***


Sunday- October 3, 2010


South Canara Chicken Biryani (Karnataka)

Recipe adapted from Pratibha Karan’s Biryani


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  1. #1 by Preethi on October 4, 2010 - 9:36 am

    Fantastic Priya!!! I’m so proud of you. I’m just a lazy mum who doesn’t cook, but you inspire me to get off my chair and get cooking.

    • #2 by priya1380 on October 4, 2010 - 11:21 am

      Well, you do more complicated Indian cooking. That takes more time and effort! I’m glad you are inspired. May be some day we will go into the food business together?

  2. #3 by Neetu on October 5, 2010 - 7:10 am

    Priya, this is fantastic, i will surely follow sunday to sunday very closely. Most of the food looks quite yumm & easy to make , I think you must share your bit on how it turned out and any changes you think might make it better (if any). Till then have fun doing what you are doing…

    • #4 by priya1380 on October 5, 2010 - 10:00 am

      Thanks for your suggestions Neetu! I’m a bit vain when it comes to my cooking. I think it all tastes great. 😉 I’ll try and be more critical of my cooking.

  3. #5 by vivita on October 5, 2010 - 5:18 pm

    hey Priya, your food looks Awesome ! I am going to mark out my favourites and pop into to your place for dinner. It’s a wonderful blog, not only is the food creative , the presentation is equally so. Keep posting the good stuff . You remind me of the movie Julie and Julia , that made me want to cook!

    • #6 by priya1380 on October 5, 2010 - 8:04 pm

      Are you in the UK Vivita? Please make a trip to Bristol and send me your list ahead of the visit. I’ll get my groceries in place! The comparison to Julie and Julia is very encouraging. Thanks for stopping by.

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