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Copyright Issues and Recipes

Since my first post, I’ve received a few requests for the recipes to be posted on the blog. However, having considered this suggestion and done my bit of research, I’ve decided I will not be doing so. Firstly, the recipes I tried out last week aren’t my own and I don’t want to run into copyright issues by featuring them on this blog. Secondly, while I did adapt the recipes to my own taste and depending on the availability of ingredients, it should be okay for me to post the adapted recipes; however, this would take more of my time and I just can’t devote that sort of time to the blog right now. So if you are interested in a particular recipe, get in touch with me at preeya(nospace)josef_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_in and I will be very happy to share the recipe with you. In some cases the recipes are also available online so I could direct you to the appropriate website. If I do get inventive and concoct a totally new recipe I will try and share it, but that would be quite challenging as I hardly follow precise measures when I cook like this! I also understand it can be hard to decipher the ingredients included in a preparation from a picture and an exotic name, so I will provide short descriptions.

I hope these changes make for a better reading experience. Please do let me know and don’t be afraid to post comments, even critical ones. 🙂

Sunday – September 26, 2010


Yaki Ramen

Recipe adapted from the Wagamama cookbook

***This is basically a stir-fry of chicken, vegetable and Chinese noodles (Ramen). The original recipe calls for Soba noodles, but I only had Ramen, hence Yaki Ramen!***


Monday – September 27, 2010


Sweet and Sour Celeriac and Carrot on a bed of baby leaves with Mozzarella Pearls

Recipe adapted from Yottam Ottolenghi and Sam Tamimi’s Ottolenghi

***Basically a salad comprising shredded root vegetables that have been massaged with a dressing and left to marinate for at least an hour. Finally served on a bed of baby salad leaves with a few pearls of mozzarella.***


Tuesday – September 28, 2010


A salad of Strawberries, Arugula and White Stilton with Apricot

Recipe adapted from this one on the Saveur website

***A salad of strawberries, raspberries, rocket, almonds and White Stilton (cheese) with apricot***


Thursday – September 30, 2010


Mexican Pulled Beef Salad

Recipe adapted from this one on the Saveur website


Friday – October 1, 2010


Steamed Fish in Soya Sauce

Recipe adapted from here

***I used Cod and it tasted just fine. The dish goes well with plain white rice***


Saturday – October 2, 2010


Oriental Salad - I had this.

and Abhi had this - preserved meat platter with a fresh baguette and side salad.

at Cafe du Jour


Mexican Seafood Cocktail

Fish Tacos

Recipes adapted from here and here on the Saveur website

***I couldn’t get hold of the different Mexican chillies so I used Jalapeno, which is Mexican too and readily available. Incidentally, I’ve also found a Mexican store (Otomi) here in Bristol that sells Chipotles, Anchos and the like and I will head there before I attempt these recipes again or other Mexican ones.***


Sunday- October 3, 2010


South Canara Chicken Biryani (Karnataka)

Recipe adapted from Pratibha Karan’s Biryani


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